ZaminRun Ravesh prides itself as a technical company with a support of dedicated and highly skilled workforce, together providing a wide array of services in various disciplines such as:

  • Buildings and general construction
  • Road and transportation
  • Geotechnical and foundation engineering
  • Excavation, stabilization and reinforcement

Today, the company has a range of specialized equipment and machinery for the successful completion of any of the above activities. Nevertheless, the aim is to continually improve and upgrade the current capabilities in line with the latest technological advancements in the related areas of activity. We believe, this will in turn provide higher quality services, more economical and time-efficient solution to our based upon our client needs.

Moreover, we have created strong partnerships with well-known businesses in relevant fields of activities in order to meet our expanding capability such as design, construction and installation of steel structures to forming successful links amongst highly skilled mechanical and electrical providers.

Technical Capabilities

  • Soil nailing, anchoring, installation of steel mesh and shotcrete application for soil and slope reinforcement.
  • Foundation engineering and retaining walls.
  • Excavation.
  • Soil injection and stabilization.
  • Cast–in-situ piles ranging from 0.5 to 1.2-meter diameters with variable depths.
  • Steel and concrete structures.
  • Application of micro piles and pin piles.
  • Concrete and metal pile driving with different dimensions and depths.
  • Structural reinforcement and stabilization.
  • Land surveying and monitoring movements of stabilized walls (Geodetic Studies).
  • Dynamic Compaction procedures for enhancing the soil density.
  • Preloading and vertical drains.
  • Multi-strand tendon anchors reducing soil movement and reinforcing excavation walls.
  • Application of different geo-synthetic materials including geotextiles, geo-grids and geo-cells.
  • Reinforcing soil slopes and walls.
  • Ground water control and management.
  • Installation of heating and cooling equipment.
  • Interior design and furnishing.